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Engagement in Real Estate

Whether you're actively looking for your first home or just starting to think about it, this seminar is perfect for unwed & recently engaged couples. This Buyer Series topic will narrow in on what you should consider when buying real estate together for the first time. We will be discussing buying property and some common mistakes you should avoid.
This topic will include:
  • The definition of a matrimonial home.
  • The value of a co-habitation agreement & why it is important.
  • How to protect your investment.
  • How the matrimonial home is treated differently in a real estate transaction.
  • Getting a pre-approval.
  • How to get the process started.
Start an action plan on how to get there, and talk to the right professionals to get things started. The evening will be comprised of short presentations by a family lawyer (Jennifer Reynolds) and real estate broker (Ayn MacDonald). Our team of experienced professionals will answer all of your questions as they relate to purchasing real estate in Ottawa.



Is this event free?
Yes. This is a free educational event.

Can I bring a guest or family member?
Yes, please RSVP with their info if you would like a seat reserved for them. 

What is buyer series?

The Buyer Series consists of free events designed to teach buyers & sellers about the various aspects of home buying & selling.

RSVP now to start talking about your real estate goals.

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