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TOPIC: Purchasing rural real estate vs. urban real estate

Tired of living in the city? Looking for a new country home? You've come to the right place. Join us as we discuss the differences between purchasing rural real estate and urban real estate. Learn about well- and septic-served properties.


Purchasing rural real estate is significantly different compared to purchasing a downtown condo or a single family urban home. Join us as we discuss buying RURAL real estate. This 1-hour conversation will include topics like municipal services, land uses and financing.

This event is presented by a mortgage broker & real estate agent and will talk about funding larger land purchases, what the banks are looking for and how the inspection process will differ.


The session will cover:

  • Land limitations for traditional lending.

  • How the real estate transaction will differ from a "city" property.

  • Water & heating considerations.

  • How to avoid typical home buying mistakes

  • Typical costs you should consider.

  • What home components will increase your insurance costs

Start an action plan on how to get there, and talk to the right professionals to get things started. The evening will be comprised of short presentations by a mortgage broker (Josee Menard) and real estate agent (Ayn MacDonald). Our team of experienced professionals will answer all of your questions as they relate to purchasing rural real estate.


Is this event free?
Yes. This is information only, and you will not be solicited to.


Can I bring a guest or family member?
Yes, of course. Due to limited seating, please indicate in your RSVP how many seats you will need. 

What is buyer series?

The Buyer Series consists of free events designed to teach buyers & sellers about the various aspects of home buying & selling.

RSVP now to start talking about your real estate goals.


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