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retirement 2

retirement 2

Downsizing: Living a Maintenance-Free, Active Lifestyle

TOPIC: Downsizing: how to move wealth, stay healthy and live a maintenance free lifestyle
*Note: This event will be geared towards active retirees who are considering their next living space.
Are you looking to simplify your life? Downsizing can be tricky. Reduce your stress by working with a financial advisor who can help you make wise decisions that will minimize financial risk with an actionable plan. Transition into your next stage of life with peace of mind knowing that your next stage in life will be just as rewarding as you imagined.
Join us as we discuss downsizing in great detail. At this event, we will discuss strategies to making a realistic plan, how to downsize with success and how to get family involved. How to look forward to the next Chapter and how to prepare the family home for sale. The stager will talk about organizing tips, getting ready for the move and optimizing the space for the new buyers.
Start an action plan on how to get there, and talk to the right professionals to get things started. The evening will be comprised of short presentations by a stager (Gail McEachern) and real estate broker (Patrick O'Keefe). Our team of experienced professionals will answer all of your questions as they relate to purchasing rural real estate.


Is this event free?
Yes. This is information only, and you will not be solicited to.

Can I bring a guest or family member?
Yes, of course. Due to limited seating, please indicate in your RSVP how many seats you will need.

What is buyer series?

The Buyer Series consists of free events designed to teach buyers & sellers about the various aspects of home buying & selling.

RSVP now to start talking about your real estate goals.

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