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Where & When to Buy real estate in Ottawa

When & Where to Buy Real Estate in Ottawa

TOPIC: Where and When to buy real estate in Ottawa​



If you're new to the Ottawa region or you've lived here for decades, join us for one of the most popular events in the Buyer Series: "WHEN & WHERE to Buy Real Estate in Ottawa."  We will be discussing market conditions, seasonal differences, communities maintaining value, amenities, transit and other location considerations. In addition, we will discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them so that you can find that perfect home right here in the nation's capital.

This free event will be comprised of a short presentation by a real estate agent who will answer all of your questions as they relate to purchasing real estate in Ottawa.


What we will cover:

  • What areas yield the best value & which areas you might reconsider investing.

  • Citywide amenities and how they affect value-driven neighbourhoods.

  • Market conditions & how to negotiate the best value.

  • The overall purchase process: typical paperwork, conditions & costs to avoid. 

  • Area that with environmental considerations (clay, drainage, radon gas).


Is this event free?
Yes. This is information only, and you will not be solicited to.

Can I bring a guest or family member?
Yes, of course. Due to limited seating, please indicate in your
RSVP how many seats you will need. Maximum capacity of the room is 20.

What is buyer series?

The Buyer Series consists of free events designed to teach buyers & sellers about the various aspects of home buying & selling.


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