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New Home, New needs: 5 things to kick-start the buying process.

TOPIC: 5 Things to Help You Quick Start the First-Time Homebuying Process

The intent of this seminar is to provide you with essential information about the process of
buying/selling your first home, arranging a mortgage and managing risks that may be associated with
your purchase.


The 5 “Things” that will be discussed are:

  • Buying vs Renting

  • Buying a Home

  • Mortgage Basics

  • Insurance needs

  • Selling a home


This seminar will give you what’s needed to quick start the exciting, but complex first-time home buying
process. Professionals such as a financial advisor, a mortgage broker and a real estate broker will partner to be your presenters for the evening.

They will also be available to answer all your questions at the end of the seminar related to purchasing
real estate.



Is this event free?
Yes. This is information only, and you will not be solicited to.

Can I bring a guest or family member?
Yes, of course. Due to limited seating, please indicate in your RSVP how many seats you will need.

What is buyer series?

The Buyer Series consists of free events designed to teach buyers & sellers about the various aspects of home buying & selling.


RSVP now to start talking about your real estate goals.

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